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Antique Savannah Wedding Pews


  • Our Antique Pews are a true Southern treasure! The pews had been removed and sold during a Savannah church’s remodel. They were then placed in storage for over 40 years before we acquired them and had them restored. We are so happy to have rescued these and excited that they are again being used for weddings and events in Savannah! Through research and the help of local historian, we know they were built in Savannah, and are at least 100 years old.
  • Set of 8 pews seats approximately –40 guests
  • All of the pews in this set are identical. They are 7 feet long and work well for indoor or outdoor ceremony seating


  • Combine Pews with our 7 foot long vintage benches (benches seat 60 guests) to create a variety of custom seating arrangements
  • Combine pews with our vintage oak wood  folding chairs
  • Combine pews with our white antique upholstered chairs


A $50 Delivery Surcharge will be added bring all sets of Pews to The Forsyth Fountain, because the pews have to be carried a long distance


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you provide floral arrangements for this item?

Answer: Yes, we can provide pricing on wreaths, eucalyptus garland and floral arrangements for this item. We also offer rose petals for aisles and clean up afterwards.

Contact us for more details